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Open Floor

June 3, 2017 on the roof terrace Baltpark hosted the Hip-Hop Open Floor Festival


May 25, 2017 in our hotel lived an international boxing champion in lightweight - Fedor Popazov


Nina Usatova and Andrey Urgant brought to Riga hilarious comedy "Tureen, or boiling passion" and visited the hotel Baltpark.

Vsemirnaja Olimpiada Horov

In Riga, from 9 to 19 July 2014, was the International Olympics of choirs. In our hotel, in the days of choral competitions, lived one of the best teams Colombia which as a gift held a peerless concert on the roof of our hotel.


Famous band from St. Petersburg "Billy's band", after a concert in club "Godvil" staying in Riga, hotel Baltpark! Group Leader expressed his gratitude to our hotel for the warm welcome!


Artist Vladimir Steklov, was in Riga with the play "With love in French." After the play, stayed in our hotel Baltpark.

Drift Cempoionat

On the 14-th of August 2010 in Kekava at the Latvia RC Drift Series 2010 5.stage "Liiba" CUP successfully participated representative of Baltpark Hotel Gundars Ivanovskis.

We look forward to more great achievements in the future!

Prezident Latvii

In 2010, July 22 at our summer terrace in the restaurant in Riga "Paradise" was visiting President of Latvia - Valdis Zatlers.

DSCN3241 2

In 2010, June 8 in our restaurant "Paradise" was the world famous D'Artagnan - Mikhail Boyarsky.

Picture 447

On 30-th of May on the summer roof terrace the Reebok Sky Battles'10 and the closing party of the Street dance culture took place.

Parad Nevest

On 4th of May 2010 at Riga Hotel Baltpark the 1st meeting of the beautiful participants of Bride Parade 2010 took place.

The team of Hotel Baltpark wishes good luck to the organizers and participants of the event!

Gruppa Dominante

April 30, 2010, was a holiday summer terrace opening, where was a presentation of a musical CD of vocal group "Dominante" Jura Ludženieka. New music CD "Gandrīz grēksūdze".

The whole terrace was full of our friends and customers, and we hope very much that they spent a wonderful evening!

Kaznitj Nelzja Pomilovatj

Stars of the most popular television series in the performance in two actions on the play by Alexei Kozyrev's "Punish not pardon" visited our hotel. Sergei Barkovsky, Anastasia Melnikova, Edward Elings (Director of the hotel), George Shtil.

Jadviga Poplavska I Aleksandr Tihanovich

Honored artists of Belarus - Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhonovich.

In our hotel in 2010, lived the Belarusian pop singer, the first member of the ensemble "Verasy" - Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Belarusian singer Alexander Tikhonovich. Distinguished Artist of Belarus brought to Latvia new album, "Love-Destiny", which last year was named for the best in Belarus in the genre of pop music.

Teatr Dajles 8 Zenshin I

November 11, in our hotel stayed popular and beloved actors of Russia: Olga Orlova, Evelina Bledans, Anna Samokhina and Andrei Sergievski. Actors played in Riga in the theater «Daile» play «8 women and ...».


2008, November 7, at our hotel was a popular game tournament «Monopol». Thanks to all who participated!

Congratulations on winning director of SIA «Terra Baltica Travel» Ainaro Irgensona!

Teatr Bolshaja Zebra

Famous Russian actors Anastasia Stotskaya, Georgi Martirosyan, Larissa Guzeeva, Peter Belushkov and Marina Dyuzheva (comedy "Big Zebra") lived in a hotel 22/04/2008

Teatr Samoe Dorogoe Besplatno

Actors George Taratorkin, Ludmila Chursina and Nelly Uvarova (show «The most expensive - for free») in the press conference 09.09.07. on the roof of the hotel "Baltpark".


In July 2007, took a walk on the yacht Milda on the island Gotland.

In the tour was attended by the best cooperation partners


2008 In August, our hotel was gathering of Polish owners of Harley Davidson.

Sportivnie Igri

2007 Aug 11 were sports play of hotel "Baltpark" on the basis of rest "Lejastiezumos".

Baltic Beauty 2006

"Baltic Beauty 2006"

From 5 July to 9 July at the hotel was a competition "Baltic Beauty 2006 - preparations for the finale!

Press was on the terrace of the hotel under the open sky!

Teatr Sobor Parizskoj Bogomateri

21. March this year in "Arena Riga" happened concert piece "The Notre Dame Cathedral". In our hotel was placing artists and the organizers of Lithuania and the UK. Successful event celebrated with a banquet at our restaurant "PARADISE" - a funny song and dance have destroyed all the language barriers in communication and the celebration lasted until dawn